Dead Sea – The Lowest Place In The World

//Dead Sea – The Lowest Place In The World

Dead Sea – The Lowest Place In The World

At 417 meters below sea level, The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the earth.  More water evaporates from the lake than enters it, so the salt concentration is the highest in the world at about 340 grams per liter of water.

No life forms can live in the lake because of it’s high saline content, hence the name “The Dead Sea.” The same salt that prevents bacterial growth, however, has many healing properties. It provides relief and healing for many visitors who come to benefit from it.

On the western side, you’ll find beaches and bathing areas with easy access to the water. By the two therapeutic beaches, visitors can find large tourism centers, which provide tourism services.Dead Sea

Nearby, visitors can also find several hotels, hostels, guest houses, restaurants and shopping centers. There are also jeep and bicycle tours, camel tours, and repelling activities. Art and culture lovers can enjoy galleries and artists’ studios.

The Dead Sea is located on the edge of the Judean Desert and has become an important place in desert tourism. Along the coastline, visitors can find fresh springs and a plethora of wild plant life.

The northwestern edge of the Dead Sea acts as a pilgrimage site for Christians who travel to the Holy Land, especially during Eastertime.

No tour is complete without a visit to the monasteries on the cliff walls. In the fourth century, many believers wanted to devote their lives to God, so they settled in the Judean Desert.

Sits 25 km east of Jerusalem, along the border of Israel and Jordan.  Ancient Hebrews referred to the lake as the Sea of Salt. Others referred to the Dead Sea as the Sea of Solitude, the Sea of Arabah and the Asphalt Sea. The Crusaders, however, had a different name for it – the Sea of Satan.

On the eastern side of the lake, you can see Mount Nebo, where Moses set his eyes upon the Promised Land for the first time. To the west, visitors can see Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. They can also set their sight upon Ein Gedi, where David hid from King Saul.

At its widest point, the Dead Sea is 18 km wide and 67 km long.

This is the lowest dry land on earth. Because of that, it has no exit, so water only leaves it through evaporation, which means the minerals stay behind. The high concentration of magnesium chloride is what gives the water the buoyancy for which it is known.

The Dead Sea has numerous biblical connections. Their locations aren’t precisely known, but the cities of Gomorrah and Sodom were said to have been destroyed by God with sulphur and fire. According to the Bible, it was here where Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt as punishment for looking back upon the destruction (Genesis 19:24-26).


The dead sea area have much more to offer, Qumran Caves is one of them.

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