Here are some of the holy sites

There are lots of holy sites all over Israel that include Golgotha, Mount Hermon, Church of Nativity, and the Shepherd’s Field, just to name a few. Those are some of the popular holy sites that are filled with pilgrims and visitors all throughout the year. However, there are holy sites that are not as popular as those mentioned before.


The Milk Grotto

Tradition has it that the Holy Family took shelter in the Milk Grotto before they left for Egypt during the Slaughter of the Innocents. According to legends, a drop of milk fell to the ground while the Virgin Mary was nursing the baby Jesus, and the ground turned to white. The Milk Grotto was made out of a soft white rock, and a church was constructed on the site during the 5th century. Both Muslims and Christians believe that scrapings from the stones found in the grotto improve the quantity of the milk of the mother, and bolster fertility as well.


Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is a holy site that was mentioned in John 9. It was where Jesus cured a blind man with mud, and told him to wash the mud in the pool. Since ancient times, the site has been regarded as holy by various faiths. The Jews utilized water from the pool for rituals of purification during the Feast of Tabernacles. Recent excavations near the supposed location of the pool indicated that the real site of the Pool of Siloam is a couple of meters away from the traditional site. The pool is located at one of the lowest areas in Jerusalem, and would have been filled with debris and mud every winter until it was completely covered and out of sight. That might be the reason why the nearby pool was thought to be the Pool of Siloam by the early Byzantine pilgrims.


Emmaus Nicopolis

Jesus was said to have appeared in the village of Emmaus after the Resurrection. It was mentioned in the New Testament that two disciple met Jesus on the road to Emmaus after the Resurrection. When they arrived at the village, they broke bread with the Jesus before they realized who he was. At present, people can visit a small museum on the site that shows ancient mosaic and ossuaries.


Jesus Boat Museum

The Jesus Boat was a relatively new discovered fishing boat that dated back to the first century AD. It gave everyone an ideal of how fishing boats looked like during the time of Jesus. It was likely that the same type of boat was used by Jesus and his disciples to sail out on the Sea of Galilee. While there’s no evidence that the boat was used by Jesus or any of his disciples, it is still an interesting artifact that brought to life a lot of Gospel stories found in the Bible.


These are just some of the holy sites that no one heard of at the Holy Land. Israel is filled with interesting places to visit that a week will not be enough to completely tour all the holy sites found in the area.