The Galilee Boat – Boat From Jesus Time

//The Galilee Boat – Boat From Jesus Time
  • The Galilee Boat

The Galilee Boat – Boat From Jesus Time

The Galilee Boat

Two fishermen brothers from Ginosar (formerly Gennesaret) on the dry shore of the Sea of Galilee amidst a drought. The brothers, Yuvi and Moshe Lufan spotted an unusual object poking up from the mud. After 12 days, the object was excavated. For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, the Jesus Boat saw the light of day.

According to scholars, the boat was the combination of a fishing boat and a ferry boat and may have even taken part in a sea battle against the Romans. But most Christians who see it affectionately refer to it as the Jesus boat. While historians are unsure exactly who rode in the boat or what purpose it served, it serves as a visual reminder to Christians of the Gospel stories speaking of Jesus and his disciples, many of whom were fishermen.Galilee Boat

Once found, the galilee boat was restored and now sits in the Yigal Alon Center at Kubbutz Ginosar. Visitors can learn about the restoration process for the boat, where the boat, mainly consisting of oak and cedar, was patched with 12 kinds of woods. The trees from which the wood came still grow along the walkway leading to the museum.


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