It’s not always that one gets an opportunity to take pilgrim tours.

It’s such a fortunate thing to have the luxury of time and resources to be able to take part in this age-old tradition.

While it’s important to have the spiritual, mental, and physical preparedness, it’s just as crucial to complete your checklist for a stress-free spiritual sojourn.

What to prepare before the tour


  1. Travel items like airline tickets, passports, and photo IDs are basic items all travelers should have which, in few instances, get left behind. Prepare a photocopy of these personal documents in case any of these pilgrim toursget lost while on the trip.


  1. There’s a dress code in certain sites. Since these places are holy, reverence is expected from the visitors. This means not too much exposure of skin in the arms and legs.


Be ready with your wet gear in case you’re traveling during the rainy season or if you’re visiting a holy river.

On the other hand, prepare a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock when going to a site where you’ll be exposed to the sun.


  1. Make sure to prepare a map, pilgrim guides, and prayer books for a systematic tour. Remember to bring your own first aid kit, medications, and some snacks. You’ll be in the outdoors most of the time, walking for hours and hours. It’s better to be ready for a pang of hunger or any possible emergency.


  1. A digital camera, extra batteries, and spare memory cards are important to preserve the memory of your tour and make it last.


  1. Prepare an extra bag where you can put in souvenirs from the pilgrimage.


What to know during the pilgrim tours


  1. There are imitation pilgrimage sites and there are the authentic sites, which have historical evidence such as written scriptures describing the holy sites.There are also “traditional sites” which have been visited for centuries such as the place of The Last Supper and The Garden Tomb.


  1. Be familiar with archaeological dating terms like BCE (Before the Common Era) or BC (Before Christ) and CE (Common Era) or AD (After the Death of Christ). Familiarity with these terms is important in understanding the timeline that led to the faiths, as they are known now.


  1. Most religious pilgrimage sites impose a dress code to be followed by its visitors. It’s important to know and follow the standards of a modest attire to easily access the site.


What to do after the tour


You may have explored holy places but it is for certain that you have explored the depths of your faith and spirituality.

Make a brief recount of this experience so that you can remember the significant observations and can revisit it anytime.

Create a photo diary that you can share with your family and friends to encourage them to take a pilgrim tour.



It’s a natural human inclination to search for meaning in life, a deeper spirituality, and a heightened sense of purpose.

That’s difficult to achieve amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern lifestyle.

By getting out of your comfort zone and joining pilgrim tours, you’re given an experience that will last a lifetime.